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More Than Just a T-Shirt

We all have a few in our closet, that custom t-shirt that was worn at a past school event, trade show, 5K race, family reunion or team building event. There’s a reason why custom t-shirts are so popular, they work! Whether building school pride or simply trying to grow brand awareness for a company or cause, custom t-shirts are an affordable way to gain share of voice.

Custom t-shirts have proven themselves cost effective compared to other branded promotional products. Not only are there many options to choose from, allowing you to control cost, but the product itself has a lengthy shelf life. Admittedly, there’s a promo t-shirt I received in college, that still gets regular use these days, mainly as a paint or yard work shirt, but it’s life span of 30 years is impressive, if not record breaking!

Custom t-shirts have proven their worth as a valuable fundraising tool. It’s the one promotional product that offers the most bang for your buck. Not only does the t-shirt boost awareness it pulls double duty as a viable source to raise funds for your school, team or cause. ELK Promotions makes this process even easier by offering custom pop up shops. Your team members can self-select their size, pay for their shirt and set up direct shipping. You simply share the custom link, set the fundraising mark up and we do the rest.

Whether sourcing for your scout troop's Class B t-shirts, providing mascot shirts for the cheer team or selecting the best performance wear shirt for your 5K race, custom t-shirts are the proven winner.

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