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Stitch By Stitch.......

Grow Brand Awareness With Embroidery...

Embroidered logo example by ELK Promotions
Wendy's embroidered logo by ELK Promotions

Custom embroidery is a great way to grow your brand through personalized apparel, team gear, client gifts and more. Embroidery is an effective and affordable way to elevate your brand among consumers. Embroidered hats and apparel become mobile billboards displaying your embroidered brand logo whenever the item is worn and providing lengthy exposure. Many embroidered hats and garments are worn for five plus years on average, giving your embroidered brand logo a very long shelf life.

Unify your workforce with embroidered team apparel and provide a sense of pride while endorsing your business. From hats, bags, polo shirts, dress shirts and jackets to personalized client gifts, there are endless options for placement of your embroidered logo. Perceived as a high-quality choice in branding, embroidery can help elevate your brand to new heights. ELK Promotions offers an endless variety of apparel, hats, and custom gifts ready to stitch and all production is done in house to guarantee quality. Get started today by contacting us at (614) 846-8935.

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